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Women claim Casselberry police chief sexually harassed them

<p> Several women have come forward claiming Bill McNeil sexually harassed them and created a work environment that made them fear for the physical safety while he worked as police chief of Casselberry, Local 6 has learned.</p><p> The allegations caught the city manager's attention Wednesday, which prompted him to place McNeil on administrative leave and start an internal investigation.</p><p> A city spokesperson said McNeil resigned after finding out about the investigation.</p><p> In a statement sent Thursday night to Local 6, the attorney for the women said the behavior has been going on for years:</p><p> "Chief McNeil has abused his position of power over our clients, and has engaged in years of open and obvious intimidating and abusive behaviors that have detrimentally impacted our clients' emotional well-being and standing within the organization."</p><p> Carlos Burruezo cited specific examples of the sexual harassment, which include inappropriate text messages, "selfie-style" pictures of his penis and a videotape of him masturbating while using "vulgar sexual language."</p><p> "Unfortunately, this and other inappropriate behavior on the part of the chief has gone on unchecked for quite some time without any repercussions," said Burruezo.</p><p> Local 6 went to McNeil's home Thursday night to get his reaction to the claims. No one came to the door.</p><p> His neighbors said they had no idea he had resigned his position as chief, noticing his police cruiser was no longer in the driveway.</p><p> It's not clear if the city of Casselberry will respond to an invitation from the women's attorney to discuss the allegations.</p><p> Burruezo said if he does not hear back from the city, his clients will "proceed accordingly."</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 10:09:23 GMT

Political flyer names voters who don't vote

<p> Political flyers are nothing new, but a flyer that's landing in peoples mailboxes has some citizens steaming.</p><p> On one side, it has a picture of a waste basket and reads "Don't throw Away Your Vote."  On the other side it reads, "Every year thousands of your neighbors fail to vote.  We think it's too important. This year we are providing the names of your neighbors and their voting record.</p><p> "It's my privacy whether I vote or not," Sonia Flores said.</p><p> Flores lives in Orange County and thinks the flyer goes too far since it shows the name, address and whether the person voted in 2010, 2012 or if you've already voted this year.</p><p> "If I do decide to vote, its my personal business.   I don't think it should be displayed out there," Flores said.</p><p> The Orange County Supervisor of Elections has also heard from ticked-off citizens, but says the information on the flyers is public record.</p><p> "State law states that the voter registration list is a public record, so anybody can come in and buy a voter list," Bill Cowles said.</p><p> Speaking of public records---that's exactly what we used to find out who's sending them.</p><p> In small print the flyer reads, "Sponsored by Citizens for a Better Florida, Inc.</p><p> Local 6 looked up the organization and found it has given over $900,000 this year to Realtors Political Advocacy at 7025 Augusta National Drive in Orlando.</p><p> Local 6 found that address is the office of Florida Realtors.</p><p> Local 6 called and emailed three different people including the CEO at Florida Realtors but no one responded.</p><p> Citizens like Flores say they should stand behind what they're sending out.</p><p> "That's going to an extreme, honestly. I totally disagree with it," she said.</p>

Published: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 23:03:53 GMT

Girl critical after animal attack in Cocoa, Brevard deputies say

<p> A 5-year-old girl is in critical condition after she was attacked by an animal in Cocoa, according to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.</p><p> Deputies received a 911 call about a girl who was found hurt and bleeding at 4 p.m. Thursday on Burgess Avenue.</p><p> The girl was found in the yard with serious injuries to her body that were consistent with an animal attack, deputies said.</p><p> There were no witnesses. Deputies said the girl was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital in critical condition.</p><p> The dogs that may be responsible for the attack were quarantined until a determination is made, the Sheriff's Office said.</p><p> Anyone with information regarding the attack is asked to call Agent Joe Martin, of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, through the sheriff's communication center at 321-633-7162, or Crime Line at 800-423-TIPS (8477). Deputies said all calls to Crime Line are confidential, and callers can remain anonymous and can be eligible for a reward.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 10:12:06 GMT

Man caught, zip-tied car burglars, Volusia County deputies say

<p> Neighbors said car break-ins are happening more often on Quay Assisi Street. However, one man not only caught two teens red-handed, he did it with zip ties.</p><p> "I happened to have a couple in my pocket still from doing the work earlier and just put them to use like I've seen on TV," said James Ridgewell.</p><p> Ridgewell was working on a boat Wednesday afternoon, then went for a dinner cruise, only to return at night to find his belongings missing from his SUV.</p><p> "Our doors were open and we got hit. I lost my iPad, iPhone, wallet and credit cards," said Ridgewell.</p><p> That's when he took it upon himself to search for the culprits and it didn't take long before he found them.</p><p> "They made a wrong turn onto the cul-de-sac and I knew to keep going straight that I had them pinned in," he said.</p><p> Ridgewell said he then held them there, using zip-ties on their hands, until police and a K-9 deputy arrived.</p><p> "We looked out the window and saw police officers and police lights. We heard a couple kids screaming," said neighbor, Sherry Larkin.</p><p> Officers arrested 18-year-old Dylan Boon and a 16-year-old boy. Ridgewell said while chasing the teens wasn't the safest thing to do, he'd do it again.</p><p> "It wasn't one of my smarter moves maybe, but at some point, we got to take the streets back too," said Ridgewell.</p><p> Boon and the 16-year-old are charged with two counts of burglary of a conveyance. Boon was also being held without bail at the Volusia County Jail on a probation violation.</p>

Published: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 22:17:15 GMT

Mom who drove van into ocean wants to see her kids

<p> A woman accused of trying to kill her children by driving them into the ocean off Daytona Beach is expected to be back in court Friday.</p><p> </p><p> Ebony Wilkerson wants to see her children and her attorneys will present her case before a judge.  The hearing is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. </p><p> Wilkerson has not seen her children since the March incident.  In May, a circuit judge barred Wilkerson from having any contact with her children -- in person, by phone or online.  Wilkerson wants the conditions removed or relaxed.</p><p> Wilkerson was pregnant when she was arrested March 4 on charges of driving her van, with her three children aboard, into the rough surf.  Video of the van being slammed by the waves and rescuers saving the children made international headlines.</p><p> Wilkerson was charged with three counts of attempted second-degree murder and three counts of child abuse. She is out of jail and awaiting trial on $90,000 bail.</p><p> Wilkerson gave birth to a boy in May while she was in the custody of the jail.</p><p> Her husband and the father of the children, Lutful Ronjon, has the baby, but the other three children remain in the care of the Florida Department of Children and Families.</p><p> Wilkerson posted bond and was released from the Volusia County Branch Jail in May.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 11:15:53 GMT

George Zimmerman case heads to federal grand jury

<p> A federal grand jury is expected to hear testimony Wednesday surrounding the George Zimmerman case.</p><p> The hearing is related to whether Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin's civil rights when he shot and killed the unarmed teen in Sanford in 2012.</p><p> At least one witness has been subpoenaed to testify. That man is believed to be Zimmerman's former neighbor, Frank Taaffe.</p><p> Taaffe stood by Zimmerman throughout his trial but recently said publicly that he believed Zimmerman racially profiled Martin.</p><p> The grand jury will meet at the Federal Courthouse in Orlando.</p><p> Zimmerman, 30, was acquitted last year of a second-degree murder charge in Martin's death.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 11:52:17 GMT

On this day: October 31

<p> The first All Hallows' Evening is celebrated, Nevada becomes a state, Harry Houdini dies, Mount Rushmore is completed, and the Vatican apologizes to Galileo, all on this day.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 06:00:00 GMT

Photos: Florida mug shots

<p> Here's a look at some of the individuals who have been arrested recently in the Sunshine State.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 11:32:03 GMT

Forecast: Record-cold nears

<p> Local 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges' weather forecast for Orlando and Central Florida.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 11:48:01 GMT

Coroner auctioning off guns used in suicides

<p> For sale: Guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths.</p><p> A coroner in Pennsylvania is auctioning off guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths, reports The Associated Press.</p><p> Westmoreland County corner Ken Bacha says state law requires local governments sell off unclaimed property, so he is holding a surplus weapons sale to get rid of the 100 or so guns his office took possession of during death investigations. Since family members never came to pick them up, they became county property.</p><p> Proceeds will help fund county government.</p>

Published: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 19:51:50 GMT

Woman shot by ex-boyfriend in Mount Dora, deputies say

<p> A Lake County woman is recovering after being shot by her ex-boyfriend, deputies said.</p><p> The shooting happened around 12:30 p.m. Thursday in the 3000 block of Cheval Street in the vicinity of Sullivan Ranch Boulevard.</p><p> Anthony Schaus' family said he did nothing wrong and only opened fire because he thought she was an intruder breaking into his house.</p><p> "In our eyes he had to protect himself," Anthony Schaus Sr. told Local 6.</p><p> He showed Local 6 the damage on the door frame of his son's home and a footprint left behind after deputies said his ex-girlfriend forced her way in to get some of her belongings.</p><p> "He heard a bang and at first he didn't know what it was, and then he saw a shadow bolt into the dark bedroom into the closet," said Schaus Sr. "He got up with his handgun which he sleeps with on his nightstand and asked who was there. He got no response so he fired a shot to drop them."</p><p> Schaus told deputies he thought it was an intruder. He fired one shot, hitting his ex-girlfriend in the abdomen.</p><p> The couple had dated for two and a half years until they broke up several weeks ago. Schaus said that's when his son had the locks changed on the home.</p><p> As deputies work to piece together exactly what led up to the shooting, the family has been told to stay in Lake County. So far, no charges have been filed.</p><p> Deputies still have not released the name of the ex-girlfriend. She was in surgery Thursday afternoon and is expected to recover.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 04:14:32 GMT

Dogs for sale: Do you know what you're buying?

<p> Little Bella loves to play. She is a lively peekapoo, full of energy, but when Robert Kusserow first brought little Bella home, he says she barely moved.</p><p> [WEB EXTRA: <a href="/news/web-extra-what-to-know-about-buying-a-pet-from-private-seller/29440246" target="_blank">Info to know before buying your pet</a> | POLL: <a href="" target="_blank">Where did you get your pet?</a> ]</p><p> Her "puppy for sale" ad captured Robert’s heart, so he called the breeder.</p><p> "The breeder said she had recently been robbed by someone that had come to look at a dog so she wouldn't let people go to her house," Robert said.</p><p> So Robert agreed to meet the breeder, Judith, in the parking lot of a Winn Dixie in Oviedo. </p><p> He says Bella seemed healthy, so he bought her on the spot. An expert Local 6 spoke to says if you're buying a dog, not only do you want to make sure they look healthy but are also active.</p><p> "If your noticing anything like the dog is lethargic the eyes are runny the nose is running," Diane Gagliano, of Seminole County Animal Services, said. "If you have any red flags going up go with your gut. There might be something going on."</p><p> Within 48 hours of bringing Bella home and a trip to the vet, Robert discovered his puppy was not well.</p><p> "They did testing on Bella. They came back and she said she had the worst case of hook worm she had ever seen in a puppy, so we immediately knew she was very sick," Robert said.</p><p> According to a vet report from Winder Garden Animal Hospital, Bella had no appetite, was lethargic and at one point had to receive a blood transfusion. She was hospitalized for 10 days.</p><p> But Robert couldn't utilize Florida's Pet Lemon Law to recoup some of the vet fees. That's because according to the vet, the health certificate given to Robert by the breeder is a fake. </p><p> According to Florida Department of Agriculture's pet law, a valid certificate of veterinary inspection must be given to the owner showing all the vaccines administered by veterinarian licensed by the state.</p><p> Bella didn't have that.</p><p> Gagliano says the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is vital to your pet’s health.</p><p> "Without that paper stating what has been done to the animal you can't take that animal to your vet and get what the animal needs," she said. "You don't want to over- vaccinate a dog if they have already had the proper vaccines or under-vaccinate and not give it what it needs."</p><p> Bella's road to recovery was long and expensive, with vet bills over a thousand dollars.</p><p> Robert says he called Judith a number of times before finally speaking to her.</p><p> "Her response was very defensive, 'There is nothing wrong with the dog. She was fine when I gave it to you,'" he said.</p><p> Local 6 called Judith a number of times and left a message with a woman who said she was her mother, but Judith never returned Local 6's calls.</p><p> Local 6 also did some digging and found Seminole County Animal Services inspected Judith’s dogs in September. </p><p> Their report says all 10 dogs looked healthy, but she was issued a written warning for no proof of rabies vaccinations and pet licenses. She has since complied.</p><p> Robert said he wishes he had done his due diligence. Although he would never give Bella up, if he had the proper paperwork it would have been nice to recoup some of the money he spent.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 11:07:24 GMT

Celebs go Halloween trick-or-treating too

<p> Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Cher and Paris Hilton aren't going to let the kids have all the fun on Halloween.</p>

Published: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 06:00:00 GMT

TV Trivia: Test your knowledge

<p> In the 1960's, television program choices were few. Can you remember what was on?  Test your trivia knowledge.</p>

Published: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 18:29:09 GMT